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 Southern charm is waiting for you South of the border 

Every Baja Bound Adventure is custom and designed for each individual riding group. So your night stops, lunch stops, and trails ridden are determined by a few important factors:

* Time of year & amount of daylight to play with - Winter brings shorter days and earlier AM starts while Spring riding can last longer into the evenings.

* Weather - rain or snow can usually be avoided by staying low in our desert terrain. And you'll enjoy our warmer weather by staying cool along the Pacific coast & in the higher elevations in the warmer months.

* Group size - some remote night stops can only accommodate our smallest groups.  We prefer to keep the group size small, 7-9 riders.

* Skill level of our riders. 

* Chase truck access - Our support crew and your luggage will ideally meet you each night.

* Special requests - is there a certain spot you really need to check off your Baja bucket list? Please let us know!

warm hospitality awaits