what to expect 

Part of the draw for off roaders to the Baja peninsula is the huge variety of terrain in such a relatively small area.

Depending on the time of year and weather, you can expect to ride along the Pacific Coast, sandy desert, rocky mountain trails, even a pine forest in one 4 day trip.

You should average 125 miles per day in the dirt with a little pavement thrown in here & there. It's necessary to access the hotels, restaurants, and gas stations along the way but your guide would MUCH rather be in the dirt. So don't worry, he limits your highway riding as much as possible. 

dang, i broke something  

If you experience a flat tire or other bike failure, don't sweat it. You relax in the shade while your BBA crew makes a trailside repair.  If the bike can't be repaired, a complete spare bike is waiting in your support truck just in case. 

If you BYOB, you're still welcome to ride one of  the spare bikes and will be charged a rental fee when your ride is over.  

During your sign up process, we add a $200 bike damage deposit to cover common items like levers and handguards that might need to be replaced due to a fall.

If your rental bike has zero crash damage, we happily refund your damage deposit when we return to our shop and the bikes get cleaned up. 

The end of the ride

Your truck crew will meet the bikes back in Tecate where you started on Day 1. You'll get a chance to shower and change into your street clothes while they load the equipment for the truck drive back to San Diego. If all goes according to plan, you'll cross the border as a group and drive back to your hotel or the airport for drop off back in San Diego.  

Saying goodbye is never easy, so we'll say we  hope to ride with you again. After all, there's so much more to see!

on the trail

trail repairs no problemo 

how it works

Each day

Each morning you can expect coffee and a hearty breakfast before a full day on the trail.  You'll fill your drink system with fresh water provided by your BBA staff, grab a snack bar from our snack box for your pack and off you go.

Your guide, Tim Morton, takes the lead and is in constant radio communications with his 3 person staff. His sweep rider and 2 chase truck drivers for the safety of his guests.  

You're welcome to roost along at your own pace as long as it's a safe pace FOR YOU. That's the key, everyone riding at their own level and always in control.  

Ideally, your truck support crew will be waiting about 1/2 way through your ride day at your designated lunch stop. Again, a hearty lunch and plenty of fresh water and you're on the road again.

Tim's goal for each full riding day is to finish at your night stops before dark. You'll meet up with your luggage and the BBA truck crew each evening when you pull up to your hotel rooms. Whether a rustic rancho or swanky resort,  it's sure to be welcoming. 

We choose your stops based on their customer service and killer food and drinks. Your room will have towels, showers, fresh water, and almost always cold libations waiting to help knock some of the dust down. 

Step 1 - Sign up

Send us an email or call and we'll sign you up for your ideal off-road ride date. Skill level and time of year are important factors so be ready to describe when and how tough your ideal Baja ride will be. Or office staff will steer you to the perfect ride for you. 

Step 2 - book your flight

Your $500 deposit is your commitment and non-refundable, sorry. But once you're inked and your travel plans to San Diego are made, we do all the rest. 

Step 3 - Now the fun part

Arrive in San Diego on Day 1 with your riding gear (and Baja prepped bike if you prefer to BYOB) 

If you BYOB - you're welcome to park your truck in our secure parking area at our shop during your ride. Our office staff will be on guard while you're away.

If you fly or drive to San Diego, your Baja Bound crew will pick you up at either your hotel, or San Diego's Lindbergh Field airport. You'll drive about 90 minutes in our trucks (towing bikes) to your starting point in Tecate, Baja Mexico. After changing into your riding gear and a quick safety meeting, you're on the bikes and warming up, in route to your first night stop about 80 miles away.

*Exact routes and mileages depend on time of year, skill level, late flights, average speed...you get the picture.

Your journey begins here, contact us to reserve your spot on a Baja motorcycle tours. Our vacation packages are sure to fit your schedule and budget. Copyright © Baja Bound Adventures, Inc.. All rights reserved.

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