Baja Bound Adventures
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Tim specializes in constantly assessing his guests and making sure they're riding terrain suited to their abilities.

His night stops are prearranged, but how you get there is forever changing depending on each riding days strengths.....or challenges.

No two Baja Bound Adventures are ever the same and we welcome your input as well. Tell us what you'd like to see and where you'd like to go. We'll do our best to make yours the ultimate ride! 

safety is our #1 priority

Your journey begins here, contact us to reserve your spot on a Baja motorcycle tours. Our vacation packages are sure to fit your schedule and budget. Copyright © Baja Bound Adventures, Inc.. All rights reserved.

our philosophy

At Baja Bound Adventures we believe in smaller, well matched riding groups so everyone has the best possible multi day riding vacation. 8-10 guests is our ideal size.


We never mix novices with Pros or experts with beginners!

If you're not sure where you fit in,  just ask.  Our staff will gladly steer you to the ride date and the right group for your best fit.

Or, round up your riding buddies for your own private trip!

Don't worry about having to ride over your head to keep up. 

Your guide, Tim Morton, will only lead you over terrain you can safely conquer at a pace that keeps you fresh.

Don't worry about getting bored either.  Tim will challenge his experts and even the Pros on technical single track trails, rocky mountain roads, and fast Baja 1000 race course.

His trail choices all depend on you.  Everyone having fun and feeling great.... that means more Baja miles that day.

Deep sand zap your energy?  No worries, our sweepers will gladly get you to the hacienda early for a cold Pacifico and make sure you're rested up for mañana.