Baja Bound Adventures
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UTV dates 

4 Wheels twice the fun

july 20-22  pines, pacific ocean beach fun, and back!

3 driving days with 2 nights

~400 total miles

August 3-4  pine forest and wine country weekender!

2 driving days with 1 night

~240 total miles

august 24-27  summer fun beach run!

3 driving days with 3 nights


Drive the best routes Baja has to offer! High country pine forest areas, desert, beaches, AND MORE!  

This is NOT your typical group drive on the basic routes everyone knows about! Come'on, we're Baja BouND ADVENTURES!      we've been guiding dirt-bike riders for 21+ years, full time, plus many years before that!   We know more routes than any utv guide and mix it up to show you a great adventure!

Rental side by side's available!

Polaris RZR 1000 2-seat or Yamaha yxz 1000 fully set-up to tackle Baja!

Want to go at a time not listed?  Just contact us and we'll do our best to make it happen!